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For many men experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), finding a medication that’s safe, effective and easy to administer is essential. While there are many options available on the market today, some of them have many additional benefits over others.

Here are seven benefits TriMix ED injections offer to help with erectile dysfunction symptoms:

1. ED Injections Are Safe

ED injections trimixTriMix ED injections are very safe to use. All of Olympia’s formulas undergo extensive third-party testing before being released to patients. The use of TriMix ED injections is a common and well-tolerated method of obtaining an erection.
Compared to oral erectile drugs, like Viagra®, Cialis® or Levitra®, ED injections have fewer risks involved. Men with ED have been using penile injection therapy for over 30 years. It’s especially useful to men with severe ED caused by high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes and obesity.

2. TriMix Injections Are Effective

TriMix ED injections are incredibly effective. According to the American Urologic Association, intracavernous ED injections are the most effective, non-surgical treatment.

3. ED Injections Are Fast-Acting

Unlike oral ED medications, penile injections like TriMix trigger an automatic erection—most in 10 minutes or less. Some men may not begin to see the effect until after sexual foreplay has begun. In the beginning, we recommend using a lower dose to prevent prolonged erections. Your doctor may recommend adjusting your dosage after the initial exposure.

4. TriMix Is Long-Lasting

TriMix ED medication provides longer and fuller erections than most oral alternatives that can last all the way through the climax, helping men achieve improved sexual health and performance. Erections should last between one and two hours.

An erection, using TriMix or any other ED medication, should never last four or more hours. Erections that last more than four hours are considered a medical emergency. Please contact your local emergency room to be treated immediately if you are experiencing this symptom.

5. TriMix for ED Is Easy to Administer

vials with syringe of ED injections trimix

For some, the idea of penile injections may seem too painful to self-administer. However, for many who’ve tried TriMix, the process couldn’t be easier and more painless! Check out these simple self-injection instructions to see how easy it can be to do yourself.

The most important takeaways to remember for self-injection are as follows:

  • — Wash your hands with soap and water and keep the penis clean.
  • — Keep the TriMix cold and the syringe sterilized.
  • — The proper location for the injection is at the 9-11 and 1-3 o’clock positions between the base and mid-portion of the penis.
  • — Dispose of your needle properly after injection.

6. TriMix Is Easy to Store

TriMix storage is easy. TriMix is most commonly stored in the refrigerator (between 32 – 39°F) and should be kept away from light. If your prescription is for more than one vial of medication, please do the following items:

Store one TriMix vial at normal refrigeration temperature.

This is the vial being actively used. For convenience, Olympia’s TriMix can be stored at room temperature for short periods of time while in use. However, every effort should be made to keep the medication refrigerated or frozen. When traveling, TriMix can be transported with an ice pack.

The remaining TriMix vials should be placed in a freezer and kept frozen.

Frozen vials (between 0-31°F) have a beyond-use date of up to one year.

What to Do When You’re Low on ED Medication

When the refrigerated vial (the active one) becomes low on medication, remove one vial from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator. This vial will become the active vial once the original is empty. Do this each time the active vial is low. When only one vial of medication remains in the freezer, it’s time for a prescription refill!

More Tips About Storing ED Injections TriMix

  • TriMix is shipped with ice packs. It is normal for the ice packs to melt and the medication to arrive unfrozen or even slightly warm. The effectiveness of the medication is not compromised.
  • TriMix is shipped overnight to ensure stability and optimum results.

7. ED Injections Are Not Affected by Alcohol

Unlike some medications, the effectiveness of TriMix is not normally altered by consuming alcohol. While using this medication, patients can drink responsibly and still have the same results as they would have without it.

Learn more about TriMix injections and ED online or contact us today to find the solution that’s right for you. Or, if you’re ready to order, here’s how you can buy TriMix injections online.

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