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At Olympia Pharmaceuticals, our 503A facility is specifically designed for compounding sterile and non-sterile specialty medications for patient prescriptions. 

We offer treatments for a variety of patient needs within women’s health, men’s health, weight management, IV nutrition, age management and more. Browse our solutions to see what treatment works best for you.

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What Is a 503A Compounding Pharmacy?

A 503A compounding pharmacy compounds to accommodate patient-specific compounding for prescribed medications and is required by the state boards of pharmacy to comply with USP 795 and 797 Guidelines. 

503A facilities can only dispense to patients using their compounded medications for home use. Because these facilities are only permitted to compound in small batches, it allows them to provide lower product costs for patients. 

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Why Olympia Pharmaceuticals?

At Olympia, we understand the practicality and importance of both 503A and 503B compounding pharmacy capabilities. Each of these designations of compounders has an important role to fill in today’s compounding landscape. 

That’s why we offer two separate, state-of-the-art facilities (a 503A location for patients and a 503B location for providers) to support both patient-specific and office-use needs across the U.S. While our 503B location is required to meet more stringent cGMP guidelines than our 503A facility, we have both our locations operate at the same cGMP level, ensuring all our medications are consistent in quality, safety and precision.

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Our 503A Pharmacy Specialties

We offer a wide range of solutions, including: 

Our Team Is Here for You

Whatever your desired treatment plan, the team at Olympia Pharmaceuticals is here to ensure you receive high-quality, cGMP-compliant products and top-of-the-line service every step of the way.

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