Most men will experience difficulty getting or maintaining an erection at one time or another — but at what point does it become erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a pattern of ongoing difficulty with achieving or keeping an erection during sexual intercourse.

How Do I Know If I Have ED?

Most people are able to identify the primary symptoms of ED on their own. You likely have ED if you experience persistent trouble getting or keeping an erection, often along with reduced sexual desire.

Occasionally, ED can be connected to more serious underlying conditions like diabetes or heart disease, and individuals with these or other conditions linked to ED should pay close attention to new and changing symptoms. While ED is not typically dangerous to one’s physical health, it can take a psychological or emotional toll by causing stress, anxiety and shame that can affect one’s relationships. Talk to your doctor to find a treatment solution that can alleviate these challenges.

How to Test for ED at Home

A good first step is to assess your current symptoms (taking our quiz below is a great way to do this). If they align with common symptoms of ED outlined in the quiz, you’ll want to see a medical professional for a confirmed diagnosis.

5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About ED

While there are at-home tests available for ED, most doctors don’t advise self-diagnosis for erectile dysfunction using a self-test method. These tests are useful in providing an initial indication, but they may yield inaccurate results.

Why Take an Erectile Dysfunction Quiz?

An erectile dysfunction quiz can be a great starting point for assessing the possibility of an ED diagnosis. Although they cannot provide a medical diagnosis, online diagnostic questionnaires can help you and your doctor gain a better understanding of your current symptoms, how they’re impacting your day-to-day life and whether or not you should be tested for erectile dysfunction.

What an Erectile Dysfunction Quiz Can Tell You

This quiz, based on the SHIM IIEF-5 questionnaire, can be used to get an initial understanding of common symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Based on your answers to five key questions, your score can help you determine whether you may be experiencing severe, moderate, mild to moderate, mild or no signs of ED.

Take Our Quiz: Do I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

Wondering if you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction? This online quiz can help you assess whether your current symptoms align with common symptoms of ED, but should always be followed up with an official diagnosis from a medical professional. When answering the questions below, respond as truthfully as possible for the most accurate results.

Adapted from Rosen RC, Cappelleri JC, Smith MD, Lipsky J, Peña BM. Development and evaluation of an abridged, 5-item version of the International Index of Erectile Dysfunction (IIEF-5) as a diagnostic tool for erectile dysfunction. Int J Impot Res. 1999;11:319-326.