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Ways to Buy TriMix Injections Online

Now that you have decided you want to try TriMix for yourself, how do you get it? In order to buy TriMix injections online, you’ll need a physician’s prescription. With that said, you can still purchase it online through Olympia Pharmacy using one of two options. For those who have a doctor who can prescribe Trimix, all that’s needed is to download the prescription and fill out the online prescription form. You or your doctor can then fax it to Olympia Pharmacy at (888)766-4894. After the prescription is received, Olympia Pharmacy will obtain your payment and ship TriMix directly to your home.

For those who do not have a doctor or would just prefer to use the telemedicine option, simply fill out the online questionnaire. Once it is submitted, Olympia’s scheduling staff will contact you to set up a phone appointment and evaluation with a licensed telemedicine physician. There is an additional $75 fee for this option, paid directly to the physician.


How Much Does TriMix Cost?

Pills for ED cost roughly $20 to $40 per dose. Depending on the compounding pharmacy, TriMix could cost as little as $3 to $6 a dose, making it a much less expensive option. TriMix also ranges in pricing depending on the dose strength. Insurance companies typically do not cover this medication since it is custom compounded.

Since TriMix needs to be refrigerated, your shipment will arrive with ice packs. Many times the ice packs may melt en route to you, but don’t worry, your medication is not compromised. It’s important to place all but one vial into the freezer for storage. When the vial in use starts to run low, simply take a vial out of the freezer and place it in the refrigerator for easy readiness. When you are down to one vial in your freezer, this is the perfect time to refill your prescription! If you have any other questions regarding this process, contact Olympia Pharmacy today. We are always ready to assist you!