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According to the CDC, more than 93 million American adults were affected by obesity in 2015 and 2016—averaging at nearly 40% of the nation’s total population. And with numbers continuing to trend upward, many physicians and clinic have started offering medically supervised weight-loss options to help combat this growing issue.

What Is It?

Let’s start by answering an initial question: what is medically supervised weight loss? The main answer is that it can vary depending on the physician or clinic, but generally speaking, it’s a physician-monitored program that includes a custom diet plan and exercise schedule designed to help patients lose weight, motivate them and promote healthier lifestyles. It’s typically coupled with a metabolism enhancer or vitamin consumable that complements their weight-loss plan.

Who Is It Right for?

Doctor measuring obese man's stomach as part of medically supervised weight loss

If you’re unsure if you suffer from obesity, ask your physician. In the meantime, you can also assess any symptoms related to obesity that you may be experiencing, such as extreme daily exhaustion, increased sweating, inability to handle sudden physical activity, back or joint pain, loss of breath, etc.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Treatments

In addition to diet and exercise, a physician or clinic may prescribe a compounded medication like B12 or another similar fat-burning injectable that helps to further encourage weight loss.

At Olympia, we offer several treatment options, including:

Benefits of Treatment

Now for the answer to another important question many people ask when considering treatment: what is medically supervised weight loss going to do benefit my health?

After a physician has prescribed a medically supervised weight-loss treatment that’s right for you, you should notice significant health benefits, including:

  • – Lowered blood pressure
  • – Decreased joint and back pain
  • – Improved heart health
  • – Improved sex life
  • – Increased self-confidence
  • – And more

You can learn more in our guide to medically supervised weight loss.

How To Get Started

Whether you’re a patient or a physician interested in an effective weight-loss program, Olympia has treatment options for you. To learn more about our weight management solutions, contact a weight-loss specialist today.

Contact a Weight-Loss Specialist

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