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With fewer side effects than oral ED drugs, Trimix injections are a highly effective solution for erectile dysfunction (also referred to as ED or impotence). As men age, ED becomes more prevalent, but it can impact men at any age for a variety of reasons.

Benefits of Trimix Injections Include:

  • — 90% Success Rate
  • — Safety and Reliability
  • — Fast-Acting, Enduring Results
  • — Cost-Effectiveness
  • — No Impact from Alcohol Consumption

At Olympia Pharmaceuticals, we specialize in Trimix, a popular ED medication. Below, we address possible side effects and provide essential information about penile injections.

Trimix Side Effects

Trimix is generally well-tolerated due to its localized application. However, like any medication, it can have side effects. Before using Trimix, consult with a healthcare professional to ensure you aren’t allergic to any of its ingredients. Some possible side effects include:

  • Priapism: The most serious side effect is priapism, an erection that lasts over four hours. This condition is not exclusive to Trimix but can occur with any ED medication, including Viagra®, Levitra® and Cialis®. Priapism is a medical emergency and requires immediate attention.
  • Pain or Bruising: Some men may experience pain or minor bruising at the injection site. This is usually mild and improves with time as you become more proficient with the injection technique.
  • Lightheadedness: Although less common, some men might experience lightheadedness or fainting. This happens due to a drop in blood pressure. If you feel dizzy or faint after taking the medication, lie down until the symptoms pass and seek medical advice.
  • Hematoma: Rarely, a hematoma (a localized collection of blood outside the blood vessels) can occur if a blood vessel is punctured during the injection.
  • Fibrosis: Long-term use of penile injections like Trimix can lead to fibrosis, the development of excess fibrous connective tissue, causing a curvature of the penis. This is a rare occurrence, and changing the injection site can help avoid it.
  • Infection: Proper hygiene during administration can largely eliminate this risk.

Despite the potential side effects, it’s important to remember that Trimix is considered a safe and effective treatment for ED. Always use the medication as directed by your healthcare provider and promptly report any persistent side effects.

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Will Trimix Increase Size?

No. Trimix is designed to help men with ED symptoms maintain a longer-lasting, full erection, not to increase penis size.

Trimix Safety

Trimix is an effective, safe non-surgical treatment for ED, endorsed by the American Urological Association since 1983. As a local injection, it has little to no side effects, unlike oral alternatives, which can cause headaches, nausea or vomiting.

Administering the Trimix Injections

When using ED injections like Trimix, it’s important to understand the proper administration techniques to ensure effectiveness and safety.

Trimix Dosage

The dosages will vary among patients depending on their individual level of ED. The initial dose should be 0.05 cc to 0.2 cc. Patients should wait a full 48 hours before increasing their dosage and increase by 0.025 cc to 0.050 cc until a satisfactory dose is reached. The maximum dose is 0.50 cc. Patients should not be discouraged by a poor result with the first few erectile dysfunction injections, as the initial dose should be kept low to avoid a prolonged erection.

Injecting Trimix

Wash your hands and the injection area before injecting into the penis shaft at a 90-degree angle, avoiding veins and the midline. Aim for the 10 or 2 o’clock position to prevent damage to the urethra or penile arteries. Inject the medication (takes about 4 seconds), withdraw the needle, and apply pressure to the site for a minute to prevent bleeding. For more detailed instructions about preparing and administering Trimix, please read our Trimix self-injections instructions.

Storing Trimix

All vials should be stored in the freezer (at a temperature between 0 and 31°F), with the exception of the one active vial currently being used. The active vial should be refrigerated at a temperature between 32 and 39°F. When the active vial starts running low, a vial from the freezer should be removed and placed in the refrigerator. This will replace the current active vial when it runs out.

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Obtaining a Trimix Prescription

Ready to buy Trimix ED injections online? We can help. Olympia Pharmacy requires a prescription from a licensed physician. There are two easy options:

Option 1

If you have a doctor who can prescribe Trimix, download our online prescription form and present the form to your physician. Your physician should fax the complete form to Olympia Pharmacy at (888) 766-4894. We process the payment and ship the medication directly.

Option 2

If you don’t have a doctor, use our telemedicine option by completing a simple online form. After submission, we’ll schedule a phone consultation with a licensed telemedicine physician, which costs an additional $75. Learn more and get started here.

Even though Trimix penile injections are safe, effective, quick-acting and long-lasting, many men still have hesitations. And that’s OK! Rest assured that Trimix is safe and effective for you by reading more detailed information in our Trimix Guide now, or contact us today for a free consultation.


Read our Trimix Guide


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