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Compared to oral erectile dysfunction medications, TriMix injection side effects are few and far between. The intense drop-off of side effects for ED injections is due to the localization of the medication.

TriMix injections are a well-known treatment for erectile dysfunction (also referred to as ED or impotence). This is a common problem for many men and it becomes increasingly more frequent in men as they age.

In fact, ED affects between 15 and 30 million men in the United States alone, with more than 600,000+ new cases discovered each year.

5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About ED

But, erectile dysfunction does not have to mean sexual frustration or non-existent sex life. ED is actually very treatable. At Olympia Pharmacy, we are the national experts on the popular ED medication known as TriMix injections. TriMix injections are a mixture of three drugs, which are customized and combined to suit each individual patient’s specific needs.

Some of the benefits of TriMix injections include that they are:

  • — Effective (90% success rate)
  • — Safe and reliable
  • — Fast-acting and long-lasting
  • — Affordable (costs less than most oral medications)
  • — Not affected by the consumption of alcohol


Possible TriMix Injection Side Effects

Because injection therapy is localized (injected into only one part of the body), people who use TriMix injections generally do not experience side effects. However, it’s important to speak with a medical professional prior to using TriMix to ensure you aren’t allergic to any of the medication’s ingredients. Also, although infrequent, one serious side effect of penile injections may include priapism (an erection lasting more than four hours). *Note: the same risk of priapism is involved with the use of any other ED medications like Viagra®, Levitra® and Cialis®.

Any erection lasting more than four hours must be treated as a medical emergency. If you’re experiencing a painful erection, please take it seriously.

smiling man who is happy about not having any trimix side effects

Will TriMix Increase Size?

A common question people have about this type of medication is “Will TriMix increase size?” In general, the answer is no. TriMix is not a medication designed for making your penis larger. What TriMix was designed for, however, is to help men with symptoms of erectile dysfunction obtain and maintain a full erection for a longer period of time.


Ensuring TriMix Is Safe to Use

According to the American Urological Association, ED injections like TriMix have proven to be the most effective and safe non-surgical treatment for men since 1983. And because the injections are localized (injected into only one part of the body), there are little to no generalized TriMix injection side effects.

This is a benefit over other oral alternatives because they circulate through the bloodstream and can cause headaches, nausea or vomiting (although not very common).


Obtaining a TriMix Prescription

Ready to buy TriMix injections online? We can help. All of Olympia Pharmacy’s erectile dysfunction medications require a prescription from a licensed physician to fill. There are two easy options to choose from in order to obtain one:

Option 1

For those who already have a doctor to prescribe TriMix, they can simply download and fill out our online prescription form. Then, fax it from the physician’s office to Olympia Pharmacy at (888) 766-4894. Our team then takes the payment and ships the medication directly to the patient.

Option 2

For those without a doctor to write a prescription or for those who would prefer to order their medication without involving their doctor, a telemedicine option is available. Patients can complete our simple online form.

Once it’s submitted, our scheduling staff will be in contact to set up an evaluation over the phone with a licensed telemedicine physician to discuss any possible TriMix injection side effects. The fee for this option is $75 and is separate from the cost of the medication itself. Learn more and get started here.


Administering the TriMix Injections

TriMix Dosage

The dosages will vary among patients depending on their individual level of ED, however, the initial dose should be 0.05 cc to 0.2 cc. Patients should wait a full 48 hours before increasing their dosage. Increase by 0.025 cc to 0.050 cc until a satisfactory dose is reached.

The maximum dose is 0.50 cc. Patients should not be discouraged by a poor result with the first few injections, as the initial dose should be kept low to avoid a prolonged erection.

Injecting TriMix

Patients should ensure both hands and penis are washed before administering the injection to eliminate any risk of infection. Once the medication is properly assembled, inject the needle into the shaft of the penis (located between the base and the mid-portion of the penis) at a 90-degree angle. It’s best to avoid any visible veins as well as the midline of the penis.

Patients should aim slightly to the left or right of the midline (10 o’clock or 2 o’clock) in order to prevent potential damage to the urethra or penile arteries. Slight resistance is encountered as the needle passes into the proper position within the erectile tissue (corporeal body). Inject the TriMix medication into the corpus cavernosum (approximately 4 seconds).

The needle is then withdrawn from the penis and compression should be applied to the injection site for approximately 1 minute. Several minutes of compression may be required to avoid bleeding, especially if you use aspirin or any prescribed blood thinners.

For more information about preparing and administering TriMix, please visit our TriMix self-injections instructions page.

Storing TriMix

All vials should be stored in the freezer (at a temperature between 0 and 31°F), with the exception of the one active vial currently being used. The active vial should be refrigerated at a temperature between 32 and 39°F.

When the active vial starts running low, a vial from the freezer should be removed from the freezer and placed in the refrigerator. This will replace the current active vial when it runs out.

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Even though TriMix injections are safe, effective, quick-acting and long-lasting, many men still have hesitations about using the medication. And that’s OK! Rest assured that TriMix is safe and effective for you by reading more detailed information on our TriMix FAQs page now, or contact us today for a free consultation.


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