It’s very important to do your research when choosing where to receive your medications, especially those that require unique needs. Olympia Pharmacy is the only FDA outsourcing facility (also known as a 503B facility) in Central Florida. They are required to comply with strict cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) guidelines. With over 50 years of expertise, Olympia is the national leader in compounding medications. Their specialties include the following:


– Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and Women

– HCG / Medical Weight Loss / Weight Management

– Erectile Dysfunction Solutions (injections like Trimix and oral medications such as Viagra)

– Female Sexual Health

– Topical Pain Solutions

– Veterinarian Medications

– Vein Therapy


With a team made up of experts, such as Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacists, Microbiologists, and Engineers, Olympia Pharmacy is a trusted referral source for patients seeking specialty therapies. Olympia also offers many opportunities and programs for physicians to develop and grow their patient base. Online meetings are available with an Olympia specialist in which you can learn about the programs through a visual tutorial on your computer.

Olympia Pharmacy also makes ordering medications, such as Trimix, very simple. They offer the ability to ship directly to your home with next-day shipping available to most of Florida. Another advantage to using Olympia Pharmacy is they offer a “Meet or Beat” price policy with free shipping to the U.S. So, not only will you receive lower prices on your Trimix medication, but you will be able to ship it directly to your home for free! When you are ready to refill, you can simply use their automated refill service.

Olympia has completed a full cGMP stability study on their over 40 different blends of Trimix. This allows Olympia to provide Trimix with the longest beyond use date (BUD) available in the U.S. Every batch of Trimix Olympia Pharmacy compounds is tested for sterility, endotoxin levels, and potency of each ingredient before it can be distributed to a patient or a clinic.

Olympia Compounding Pharmacy is the national expert on Trimix injections and has sold millions of prescriptions. With their abundance of knowledge, expert staff, and educational trainings and instruction, it’s no wonder why people use Olympia.

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