HCG Medical Weight Loss

What is it?

Human Chorionic Gonadatropin, commonly referred to as HCG is a hormone produced in women during pregnancy. HCG’s primary function is to provide nourishment to the fetus by burning the fat stores from the mother’s body.

Research has suggested that HCG may be beneficial on tackling obesity, which has become a serious problem in the United States. Currently, about 1 in 3 adults are considered obese in the U.S.

Real HCG can only be obtained with a prescription from a licensed physician. HCG is available as an injectable, a sublingual tablet or as a cream.

Benefits of HCG for Weight Loss

The recommended daily caloric intake for the HCG diet is 500 – 800 calories. Normally, with this very low number of calories, the body goes into what is referred to as “starvation mode” and begins to store more fat.
However, advocates of the HCG diet contend that with the daily use of HCG, the Hypothalamus, which is located in the brain, is made to burn the excess fat instead of storing it.

This effect on the Hypothalamus is also believed to help the body maintain its muscle mass throughout the low calorie diet. The use of HCG is also believed to curb hunger.

Using HCG together with a low calorie diet has resulted in weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day for many patients.

Treatment Options

The HCG diet must be administered and supervised by a physician who is knowledgeable on the program. While the specifics may vary slightly from physician to physician, the basic fundamentals include maintaining a low calorie diet, while administering HCG daily for 30-45 days.

The diet is normally in the range of 500-800 calories per day while the dose of HCG is usually 125iu to 200iu daily. The time period is 30-45 days only. The body builds up a resistance to HCG and must be allowed 3-6 months before starting the diet again.

Using HCG together with a low calorie diet has resulted in weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day for many patients.

Dosage Forms

  • Injectable
  • Sublingual Tablet
  • Transdermal Cream

The most common way to administer HCG is through a daily subcutaneous injection. This is an injection just under the skin in the abdominal area with a very small needle (usually 30 gauge).

HCG can also be administered as a daily sublingual tablet (dissolves under the tongue) or through a daily application of transdermal cream. The dosage form is usually based on the discretion of the physician prescribing the program.

Olympia can compound HCG in any dosage form prescribed.

The process by which injectable HCG is produced in the lab is called lyophilization. Olympia Pharmacy maintains the largest lyophilization facility in the Eastern United States which allows the highest quality HCG and most affordable prices.

How to get HCG

For Physicians:

Olympia offers a full HCG weight loss program for medical practices. Please call 888-323-7788 for more information.

For Patients:

Download HCG RX form HERE

HCG must be obtained with a prescription from a licensed physician. Following the procedures on this page will simplify the process.

  • Present the prescription form to your physician
  • Physician faxes the completed form to Olympia Pharmacy
  • Olympia will ship directly to you, the patient

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